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Set Facebook Pictures as Contact Pictures on Android

It is very helpful to have pictures of  contacts along with phone numbers on your smartphone’s contact list. Although many smartphones provide facilities to set pictures for contacts, It is not easy to do this manually for each and every contact on your list. To automate this process and grab contact photos from Facebook, there is a nice application called In this post we are going to sync Facebook contact photos to your Android phone.

The default placeholder contact image is not cool. You do not want to see it when your crush is calling right ? Nowadays most of the people use Facebook  and LinkedIn. So you can easily grab a profile picture and set it as the contact photo. You might heard, Facebook is already providing a contact sync feature. But it only works when contacts have their phone number listed on Facebook. provides nice and easy way to accomplish this goal with it’s rich user interface. can grab photos from Facebook and LinkedIn and It will save them along with your Google contacts. It uses their own servers to the contact matching process.

Download the application from Google Play store and fire it up. Click on Get Started button. In the next step you can connect one or more of your social media accounts. After you hit next might ask your mobile number. Either way, the app will start it’s magical matching process afterwards. Sync.ME attempts to map your contacts by comparing their names. It can identify similarity in names, hence names do not need to match exactly. match infoComparison results are shown to you for review before it merges photos with your existing contacts. So you can go through before proceed further. Sometimes might get confused about some of your contacts. If so, it will provide another step which enables you to manually select photos for unmatched contacts with the help of their suggestions. Trust me they are good at guessing !

Once you have completed matching and reviewing contacts, tap on the Done button and the application will start the sync process. It might take few minutes depending on the amount of contacts on your phone. also has few other features like birthday syncing and full screen caller image with their In-Call Experience facility. Since embed grabbed image into your phone’s contact list, you no longer need the application unless you want to continuously update contact images. So you can simply uninstall application. is also available on App Store for iOS. There are few similar kind of apps such as HaxSync and UberSync with various extra features.

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