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Android Battery Saving Tips 2015

Big Screen smartphones are everywhere. If you have a smart phone or a tablet with a big screen you might know how important the battery life is. Having said that the screen is not the only thing that drains your battery. There are many other things you should focus on if you wish to keep you device up for a long time of period. In this article I’m going to talk about most important and ultimate Android battery saving tips for 2015.

You should understand that there are no magical apps or hacks that can extend your battery life drastically. There are some habits you should aware about if you concern the battery draining. Before we begin, here is a small tip. Do not check your phone’s battery percentage each and every minute. Just stop doing it, hide the percentage from the home screen and you will be alright.  😉

Android Battery Saving Tips

Android Battery Saver Apps

When it comes to batteries and and Android Battery Saving Tips, the first thing people suggest is to use a battery saver app. But are there any effective battery savers ? This is a tricky question. While some people find some apps useful some people see those as useless adware apps.

DU Battery Saver

I am using DU Battery Saver on my phone. I find this app useful and effective on my Galaxy SIII LTE handset. It has smart pre-set battery power management modes. It has a simple and straightforward that enables you to customize settings and manage it.

Battery Doctor

I used t have this application on my phone. The main thing that cause me to leave this app was it force you to download their recommended apps and see advertisements. Otherwise this is also a good application that helps you to extend your battery life by optimizing your phone and app settings.

If you have a rooted phone, there are some extra Android Battery Saving Tips. Above two apps will give you many more advantages if you have a rooted phone. Root access will allow these apps to identify battery killing applications and hibernate them when you are not using them.

Greenify is another effective application for rooted phones which hibernate battery draining apps when the screen is off.

Android Task Killers

Android Task Killers are applications which kills running apps and reduce memory usage. But do not use Android Task Killers on your phone. Android operating system has the ability to manage it’s tasks and memory itself. Killing running tasks will not help your phone to increase battery life, instead it will drains battery even more. Whenever you kill a app using a task killer the particular app will try to start again and it will rebuild the cache. To facilitate this routine your phone will stay awake and use your battery more. If you feel some apps are using high RAM best thing is to uninstall those.

Turn-off unused features

There are few Android Battery Saving Tips that you can try without any hassle. You can always turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Auto Sync and mobile data when you are not using them. Do it as a habit and you will see the difference. In Wi-Fi Advanced settings turn off “Always allow scanning”. You can try disabling unwanted apps like S-Voice on your galaxy.

So guys, Are there any suggestions ? Please comment bellow and share your Android Battery Saving Tips with us.

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