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What is Google PageRank and How To Increase It

In the drama of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Google PageRank is laying a major role since the beginning of the time. Initially, PageRank is on of 0 to 10 numbers which determines a web page’s relevance, importance, reliability and importance. However nowadays some webmasters do not have a clear idea about how pagerank is important and even why to consider about pagerank. But some webmasters still working hard to gain a high page rank for their pages. Here in this article we are going to discuss about Google PageRank.

PR was a major factor for determining search engine  ranking and search engine position used by Google in the past. And it was easy to increase and manipulate our page’s PR by gaining paid backlinks from high PR sites around the web. But nowadays this are different from that.


  • Now pagerank is only one factor among 200 other factors that are using by Google to search engine ranking and to determine search engine result page position of a web page.
  • Now this is not using directly for SEO, however it still affects indirectly to SERP position of a webpage as I mentioned earlier.
  • You can not buy backlinks from high PR sites and increase your page rank anymore. You need to have backlinks that relevant to your page and they should be natural. A less PR techblog should not have a backlink from high PR music download site.
  • Most importantly paid / unnatural backlinks surely lead you to lose your current PR.

As I mentioned in the beginning there are lots of discussion about how does pagerank affect to SEO. There are many facts for both sides.  Let’s take a look at both sides.

Some webmasters think we do not need to manage our PageRank due to following reasons.

  • Sometimes you can see a miscalculated and partisan PageRank value for some websites.
  • PageRank tool has been removed from the Google Webmaster Tools
  • There are too many PR2 site in the first page of SERP while PR6 sites hanging in the second page after the Google Caffeine update. It seeks fresh content rather than old and well formatted contents.
  • After Google Panda and Penguin Google uses social factors like social sharing websites, blogging, commenting like factors which lead to pull down the PageRank.

But on the other hand,

  • Google PageRank is still playing one role among other 200-odd factors that Google uses for ranking mechanisms.
  • Guest bloggers like to write to high PR sites. (But guest bloggig is dying for several reasons in these days. we will discuss about that in an another article.)
  • You can still gain a high PR by gaining relevant and natural backlinks from high PR sires.
  • Google still uses pagerank for determine SERP position for similar contents.
  • Although Google give a top position to no PR websites after Caffeine, it drops those pages over the time and respect high PR sites accordingly.

So that is the story. You need to understand little bit more about pagerank system. The difference between PR 2 and 3 are grater than five to ten times the difference between PR 4 and 5. You can check any website’s page rank by using PageRank toolbar for Chrome, PageRank add-on for Firefox or .



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