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Is Tsu a Scam ? Tsu Social Network Review

Social media war is here again. This time it is Tsu. Tsū (Pronounced as Sue) is a social network that shares their revenue with its users.  According to Tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak,  Tsu only takes 10 percent of the ad revenue they makes and pass the other 90 percent back to users. This scenario is quite a new way to make money, Hence people are questioning and talking about Tsu these days. Is Tsu a Scam ? What is Tsu ? How to make money with Tsu ? Here is how we feel about Tsu.

Basically Tsu features two things. This is a invitation-only social network. You get an invite from on of your friends, You  register on Tsu, then you invite your friends to make your network. Making your network is up to you. This is a tricky decision that Tsu owners have made. This encourages users to gather their own friend network around them. This will lead Tsu to boost up building their user base.

Next main thing we can see on Tsu is their business model. It is not a secret that people will not start such a big project just for giving away free money. Tsu launched with a $7 million investment. As we said earlier they will splits up  their ad revenue, earnings from sponsors and all other earnings after taking their cut of  10 percent.

This enables Tsu users to earn money by pyramid-like way. (We will post another article to explain how you can earn money with Tsu.) This pyramid-like way allows people who are in the top of the hierarchy to get most of the benefits. Mostly those nods of the tree will be celebrities !

Is Tsu a Scam ?

is tsu a scam

It is too soon to decide whether Tsu is a scam. No payment proofs yet. But it is worth to have faith. Tsu is kind of  a content monetizing platform.

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Then a problem comes with this approach. Frankly, you can earn money with contents that you do not have ownership. If you make contents that worth some dollars, in the future you will see people making money with them. Tsu says that they will not allow to share contents that users really don’t own. This is exactly like what Facebook is doing with fake profiles. Facebook is so strict about fake profiles, yet they are not able to control it or they do not acting strictly. Just because fake profiles also helping them to make money. This might be a legal issue too. You do not have rights to share someone’s copyrighted memorials as you wish. Tsu claims that they will remove any copyrighted content from their network if original content owner issues a DMCA take down notice. It is up to you to decide how that is going to be.

People in most Asian countries looking forward to make money through internet. Freelancing, Adcense, bux and many other money making methods are being used. In fact Tsu will be a popular social network among them. This will soon be a popular way of earning money.

As final thoughts no matter you like Tsu or not, you have to accept that, Tsu introduces a new era of online money making.

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