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Download Samsung MagicTune for Widnows 8.1

Recently I switched to Windows 8.1 from Windows 7.  Windows 8.1 is much better than Windows 8 according to my experience. However I faced some problems with some applications and device drivers. The main problem was Windows 8.1 doesn’t support monitor optimization software, Samsung MagicTune Premium. Samsung’s MagicTune download center doesn’t provide MagicTune for Widnows 8. In that case we need to find the tool our selves. After few hours of browsing I found a solution.

In case you haven’t heard about MagicTune, It is a tiny software too for optimize the monitor to the user’s preferences and environment by adjusting the brightness, color, and image size. MagicTune software allows the average user to make display adjustments much easier, more conveniently, and accurately, yet can also satisfy the much more precise and sophisticated requirements of graphics experts. In this post you can download MagicTune for Widnows 8 or higher.

So If you are looking for download MagicTune for Widnows 8 or 8.1, There are two options.

Download MagicTune Lite – Widnows 8


MagicTune Lite is a simplified version of MagicTune Premium. It doesn’t start automatically with the windows. You need to run it as any other software. But settings will keep by the monitor until you change it back again.

Download MagicTune Lite (3.04 MB) (ver.1.0.07)  | [DIRECT DOWNLOAD]

Download MagicTune Premium – Widnows 8


MagicTune premium is the full software with all features. Make sure you have the latest version of video drivers before you proceed with this software.

Download MagicTune Premium (26.04 MB) (ver.4.0.27) 32Bit | [DIRECT DOWNLOAD]

Download MagicTune Premium (20.23 MB) (ver.4.0.36) 64Bit | [DIRECT DOWNLOAD]

Lakshan Jayasinghe

Lakshan is a passionate blogger and a geek! He is graduated from the University of Colombo, School of Computing. He is currently working as a Software Engineer in Colombo, with a passion for technology, coding & every kind of gadgetry.


  • The 64 bit version doesn’t work. It seems to install but doesn’t. Running Windows 8 Pro 8.1. Think its a problem with the installer compared to the 32bit version which works ok.

  • Files don’t exist for full after setup, lite displays “This Monitor does not support MagicTune Lite”. I have Samsung S24A450B.

  • I have managed to install 64-bit version of MagicTune Premium by first installing the older version (for my Samsung T220 monitor) and then upgrading using the newer installer. Now it works for me on Windows 8.1 pro.

  • I have an SAA300 Syncmaster series and it worked in Windows 8.1 pro X64! Pay atention!

    1. Install an older version of magictune premium here: Install it but do not restart.

    2. Upgrade with magictune premium from the link provided in this site. It still doesn´t work.

    3. Download Magictune lite and run it. It will capture your monitor and handle basic issues like bright, contrast and others.

    4. Go to C:\Program Files\MagicTune Premium and all *.exe files put it in windows 7 compatibility mode.

    5. Restart your PC

    6. Voila! it works!

    • Thanks Adrian , I followed their steps in this order and it worked: 3, 2, 5.
      I have to say that in w7 it did not work never and with this trick it did also.

      Thanks also to Lakshan by post

  • Followed the steps above; the lite version seems to fire up and control my 2693HM but the premium version starts and doesn’t show a GUI or anything.

  • Thank you;very much.
    Today I got 23′ LED monitor and my windows 8 didn’t run this software.with the premium 64 bit version it was just fine.

  • after a couple times failed to install version 4.0.36, I put the installer in windows 7 compatibility mode and during the time when it asked for directory I type in a folder name located in C:\. Finally it worked.

    • Thanks Zuma, it works as your note for my Samsung S24C650DW bought a few days ago. It’s a shame from Samsung to sell a monitor at this time, but its softs are … (I see from details) dated 2010, and the softs in its DVD delivered are not working, neither on W8.1 nor W10! So the user has to dig internet to find solution: MagicTunePremium_32Bit_4.0.27_26AUG2013 works on W8.1×64, while MagicTunePremium_64Bit_4.0.36_26AUG2013 needs the W7 compatibility mode to be installed

  • one slight problem though it fails to load each time when re-enabling graphics device, which I do from time to time (had to restart graphics card because display wouldn’t resume from monitor sleep)

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