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Interactive Websites to Learn PHP Online

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting language. A big reason for its popularity is PHP is easy to learn. Most web developers use PHP for building dynamic and interactive websites. There are many websites to lean this widely-used scripting language. But most of those websites provide tutorials to read and understand. It is good way to learn theories, but learning a programming language requires practicals. In this post we have mentioned best interactive websites to learn PHP online.

You might be thinking that is it worth to learn PHP. Yes, It is. The popularity of PHP is growing rapidly. Popular websites like Facebook, Google and WordPress use PHP as a server side scripting language for their servers. Following tools will provide you interactive exercises to understand fundamentals of PHP scripting language. It is good to have a fair knowledge of HTML before you proceed with PHP. Also do not forget to read PHP Manual if you love PHP. learn php online

When we are talking about interactive websites to learn PHP online this option might not be fit in to the category. But it is the most popular websites to learn web developing. W3Schools provide basics to advanced lessons in PHP.

There are TryIt editors that you can run their examples. The way of presenting tutorials is very straightforward and easy to understand. is really a good place to start woth PHP. You can visit their PHP section clicking here.

codecademy learn php online is a place where you can learn PHP as well as many other programming languages interactively. You can create your own profile and manage it. You will gain points for your learning progress. That makes a competition among users and courage them to learn more and more. Another feature of Codecademy is it provides a platform to create your own interactive courses. If you are a iPhone user, Codecademy also has an iPhone App. You will find Codecademy PHP course here.

This website offers PHP interactive lessons. As of 2012 they have delivered more than 300,000 PHP exercises. You need to sign up with the website to access their courses. You can collect score as you engage with lessons. have eleven interactive lessons, Strings to Validation. In addition to PHP they offer other tutorials such as XML,HTML,CSS,Ruby and Python. Visit and enroll with their PHP course.



Another Interactive Website to Learn PHP Online is PHPbounce. In their Mission List there are 8 lessons available. These lessons are inspired by PHP right away project. PHPbounce will help you to understand your code errors. When you come to the 8th lesson you may achieve some good knowledge of PHP. Give it a try.

learn php online provides nine interactive tutorials to learn PHP. You can learn from variables to Objects in PHP using this website.

Bottom Line

Learning PHP is not so hard. But it needs your commitment. Using above tools will show you how awesome PHP is. Using your knowledge to solve real life programming problems is a best way to keep in touch with PHP. Always refer PHP manual at and refer when you get errors.

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