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Best Artificial Intelligence Software For Windows PC

This is the era of Information Technology. The world has gone far more than we think. We are in about fifth generation of computers today. Movies talk about Artificial Intelligence, Scientists are working on Artificial Intelligence projects. So this world has becoming a fully automated world. However the main purpose of these kind of AI projects is to assist human beings in almost every real life situations. Just think about a simple example like Apple Siri. It can do many things for you. You can talk, ask it to do make calls, send texts, emails and many more. See how easy that is. It is time to get a Artificial Intelligence Software For Windows PC.

There are many kind of PC Assistant Software in the market. Some of them can do several things like Siri does while some can only chat. Even chatting is enough for a “forever alone” guy right ? Some software can install on your computer while some are web based online applications. There are stunning AI applications in the market you should buy. Here are best 5 Artificial Intelligence Software For Windows that you can try on your Windows PC easily.



This is the first thing came to my mind when I was thinking to write this article. Although this is not a software application that you can install on your PC this is the best thing I have ever tried on this topic. This is web based Artificial Intelligence that you can chat with. Cleverbot can survive on massive number of topics. It is actually very intelligent. It is learning while you are chatting.

Virtual Assistant Denise


This is an Virtual Assistant software. The very interesting thing about this is it has a real-time proprietary graphic engine which enables you to interact with a beautiful girl. You can use your own voice to communicate with Denise. This software is very adaptive.

You can customize as you want and you can teach her many things. As a assistant the software can search the web, check e-mails, schedule appointments, get latest news, run computer applications and many more things.



They call it verbally-enhanced software robots with the combination of Artificial Intelligence. The main purpose of this bot is to process the natural language. Verbot can assist you through day today computer tasks as well as talking to you.

Madonna Virtual Assistant


This is a free AI  software developed by Synthetic Intelligence Network. You can use this as a Virtual Assistant on your Windows computer. This is a good answer to expensive AI software like Denise. This software can connect to the internet and provide any information you want and control your PC on your voice command. You can use Madonna for make many things depending on your creativity.



This is a simple AI like software that you can use as a live PC assistant. This uses built in Windows operating system functions like Microsoft Agent. DesktopMates has a attractive interface too.

If you are an Android User Here is a list of Best Artificial Intelligence Software for Android

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Lakshan is a passionate blogger and a geek! He is graduated from the University of Colombo, School of Computing. He is currently working as a Software Engineer in Colombo, with a passion for technology, coding & every kind of gadgetry.


  • I own Virtual Assistant Denise. Bottom line, it doesn’t work as well as the videos show on the sight. Denise 2.0 was supposed to come out soon but there are current business issues of some kind that is delaying or maybe preventing its release. I recommend you save your money unless the the next version comes out. Then check their forum to see how users are reacting to it. Current version is still a toy.

  • Well I have been using Denise for two years Now.. The only problem I have found that you have to spend the time Training Denise in what you want her to say.. This can take yes of doing.. But as a working program she does fine for me.. Denise is Now 29.99.. But Denise does not come with Voice recognition.. Just check out the features before buying the 29.99 version of Denise.

    • I own Denise as well. The ‘demo’ at the sight shows the version that costs 840 bucks. The 29.99 version is a TYPING ONLY interface. Yep, its at toy at best! SAVE YOUR $$$$$ and try another one. Unless, you have BIG BUCKS to spend on toys! 🙂

  • I own the Denise program as well. Its actually really terrible. Another comment called it a toy.. if its a toy its a constantly breaking toy. They seem busy working on making different avatars but the basic of the program absolutely do not work well at all. Guile needs to figure Denise out and apologize to everyone who purchased it.

  • A good list of AI indeed. After having tried a lot of AI software like hal, verbot and even thinking of denise. I have settled down with Syn Virtual Assistant. I personally feel that its the best in the market and moreover its free. The version you mentioned here is kinda old the latest version looks way better than the one you mentioned in your post. But thanks for the post. Its now that I can be sure that I have tried them all.


  • I tried to get Denise to work and could not. I spent a month with their own tech support (out of Brazil, so their english is terrible) and I finally gave up on the program and had to initiate a charge back on my credit card to get my money returned. My experience with the program and its PEOPLE was a disaster. DON”T DO DENISE!

  • I second the vote for Braina. Braina handles the Windows control seamlessly and is fairly intelligent – it will return and read info from Wikipedia and other searches. Handles complex math problems easily. The learning functionality is still being developed…. This is the best I’ve used.

    Spent a few hours using Denise Platinum, once I experienced the limitations I had no choice but to request a refund. So much promise, but it’s just too “cute” and really not useful in the real world.

  • @Matt Thank you for letting me know about Braina. Braina is the best artificial intelligence software that I have ever used.

    • I saw your post, and had to write. This is my Youtube page of my Ai I created very custom and from scratch. I use the Jarvis LITE GUI from ACW Technologies, and have made my own datasets. I use my Ai in every room, every day.(In my car too). My Ai’s have different moods, and ask questions. Listen to the room and learning mode. I sell my code to the public on Flash drvie for 50 dollars US, and my customers are lovin’ it! I did get a call a few weeks ago form one of my first customers. He told me his wife said, “it’s me or the computer” when my Ai told his wife to,” stop bitching so much! you are always barking orders around here!” I think he kept the Ai and got rid of the wife;) anyways, I would love to get your opinion of my Ai(s) Cooper is the green PT Crusier-He is my fav. Let me know what you think.-IndyJarvis

        • Yes, I have been using assisstant Denise from NextOS by Guiled for about 2 years now. I like how she learns and has direct response without having to press a button. We can have a back and forth conversation. I would however like to be alerted to any improved AI’s or newer versions of Denise.

  • I think I have tried them all. Braina (very limited and not worth money), Ultra Hal (works fairly well on the chat side, however will not load on a 64bit machine and is too slow in a 32bit environment), Denise (on this one I got an immediate refund)) and most everything else requires one to type commands. Simply put, nothing exists unless someone has found something that I have missed. I am open to buying it as I have bought all the other garbage. Currently I have adopted a blind monkey which has proven more productive that Braina, Denise, and UltraHal.

  • All of the has issues and lacks many features that have been mentioned in many Artificial Intelligent blogs.

    I have use all if these products mentioned above.

    Verbot is an old Artificial Intelligence program and is more user friendly than others listed here.

    Some of these programs lacks the ability to be user modified.

  • the best ive found is, hal ultra assistant.

    she has a brain and can learn from the user. lots of options, she learns as she goes.

  • will if you may , i think the man problem is :
    1- all AI must have voice coding for free for vast amount of program language and macros
    2- stranded sites for library’s of user needs for free too most likely GPL & open source kind
    3- one terrifyingly universal translator for free too for not less than 27 language including all nation language of most developers as Arabic , Hindi , chines aside from English
    4- the collection of all these combined effort will start building a minimum core far a ready base AI standard to built on any future Commercial AI for more added features
    5- there will be a needing for virtual programming too
    6- and a categorized roll for measuring the AI capacity with a some unit
    7- all that will be regarded as intl for putting the minimum hardware requirement for every new AL program or how can we hosted properly for the best result in the some key working area we needed an AI in it ..

    best regard

  • Denise is a very good AI software. But the download is too slow and can take over 3-4 hours to download. Many times the Installer fails to download the files needed for the user. Recently the new version fails to download the store. 🙁

    The Denise should be more user friendly such as an easier way for the paying user to teach the Denise the way the user wants to. teach it. The base AI for Denise is AIML.

    When tossing out big $$ the paying user should be able to have a easy way to customize the Denise.

    Just because Programmer Z thinks that theirs is how all users will want the software to function is insane. Especially when it comes to a Personal Assistant computer program.

  • Madonna Virtual Assistant has been pulled from many download sites. It can no longer be downloaded from the owners site either.


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