Firefox Addon and Chrome Extension for Send Big Memes and Pictures in Facebook Chat

[box type=”alert”]This extension has been deprecated and is no longer updated or available to download.[/box]

There are lots of plugins for sharing big chat emoticons with friends on the Facebook. But the main drawback of those plugins is chat receiver also need to have that relevant plugin as well as the sender for proper communication. Recently Facebook introduced a method to send the thumbnail image of someone’s or some page’s profile picture using it’s ID.

Along with this method we have created a plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once you installed Facebook Meme Chat on your browser, Go to Facebook and open up a chat. You will see the small icons of the memes. Click on a icon and hit Enter to send the meme to your friend.

When you are not using Facebook Meme Chat you can easily minimize the icon list by clicking the small blue color arrow on the right side of the chat window. Its easy to share this secret with your friends. What you need to do is click on the green arrow icon and hit enter.

That will lead the plugin to send the download link of the Facebook Meme Chat to your friend. Don’t be so covetous. Share it !

Can’t see the small icons ? Then mouse over it and see the name of the meme.

Lakshan Jayasinghe

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