How To Change Your Voice In Skype Calls

These days we not only use telephones, mobile phones and email to communicate with each other but also we use internet services. When we talk about VoIP it is really Skype. We all use Skype as a serious communication service nowadays. But some reasons we would love to have fun with that. For all guys who ever wanted to change their voices to male or female voice here is the best way to do that.

Its not free. But there is a free version which is so enough for a little fun. First of all you must have Skype installed on your system. and then you need to download this software called MorphVox.

After you downloaded it install MorphVox on your system. Once you successfully installed and fired up the software you should get a window like this.

Skype voice changer software

Make sure you have plugged and turned on the microphone. Now test your voice ! You can change your voice tone from the yellow box.

Then open up Skype and go to Tools > Options and select Audio Settings. In the microphone settings drop down menu select Microphone (Screaming Bee Audio)

That’s it. now you can call your friends with your new voice.

Download Morph Vox Jr

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