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Have you ever been to a supermarket without sign boards? How many times you have brought a book without reading it’s summary on the back cover ? Or a DVD without knowing its content ? Or watched a movie without watching its trailer ? Probably never. But how many times have you opened a web page without knowing its content? Probably always.

A general Internet user is exposed to 988 exabytes of information a year. Searching for information on the Internet is one hell of a task. It may go on from a tab to more tabs… still more tabs any you still may not find what you looking for. Now just multiply those minutes spend reading by the number of tabs. That sounds serious time taking.
Also a webpage has huge amount of information that you need to go through to know if its relevant to your search. What you really need is hidden among all the loosely bound details on that page.What you need is a tool that provides a summary of a page, so that you quickly decide if its something that you want to read.

Well, Say hello yo Cruxbot ! What Cruxbot does is that it search through the web page’s content and make them as a essence. Within a few seconds you get a summary of the content. If you note that will give you the just of the page you wanted to read. Not only this, you can increase or decrease the length of the summary depending on how much information you want. It also separately mentions some of the keywords. When you click on that keywords point of view of summary changes accordingly.

How To Install

Go to and you can see the instructions.

Lakshan Jayasinghe

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